Getting back up and running

When we first decided to kick start this project in February 2020, we found over 35 NA events to add to the calendar. We were excited for what this new site & community could mean to the NA Psytrance scene. Just a month later, nearly 99% of those events were cancelled or postponed until 2021 or 2022. The last year has been a challenge for us as a society. Not just on the front of protecting our most vulnerable from a disease, but also sustaining our own mental health and well being during difficult times. It is important we continue this fight of protecting ourselves and one another until this virus no longer impacts our ability to hug one another.

With that said, we will be kicking up coverage of any safe & sane events to attend with quality psytrance music in NA. We will only list events that promote responsibly during the tail end of this pandemic. We hope that by Summer we can announce and attend all events without worry of spreading the disease anymore. Pay attention to the event calendar as we pick and choose some events to post up! We are also looking for any contributors who might want to post some reviews or help maintain the events.