2022 and beyond

We are excited that 2022 is bringing back some normalcy and a regular flow of events! It gives us a reason to focus our energy here again and get events listed. We are revving up the community and going back to work to make this community a very effective portal and hub for the North American Psytrance scene. Check the events section regularly as we start to scour our resources and get all events listed. If you would like to add an event that is not listed, use the Contact page to let us know.

Right now we are looking for additional staff who want to be part of the project. We would love to get a regional admin for each local scene to help manage event postings and bringing in people from your circle into the community. If you are interested, jump on the discord and shoot us a message!

We are working on a lot of new features for the website and discord and you will see them coming over the next few weeks. One of the first ones we are implementing is an automated announcement for new events from the website being pushed into their respective discord channels. More to come!