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20mar(mar 20)12:00 pm22(mar 22)12:00 pmEvent OverOstarA Event Organized By: Atrium Obscurum Region:South Central,United StatesType:Outdoor

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Atrium Obscurum USA and Atrium Obscurum Mexico bring you “OstarA”
We invite you to join us this Spring Equinox in our trance dance ritual, Ostara!

In the old times, before the Paschal calendar, the new year was traditionally celebrated on the equinox; a day when light and dark became equal, signifying the end of Winter and the return of the Sun. Ôstara, Germanic goddess of Spring and the Dawn, represented the return of these life giving properties: new light, new life, balance and rebirth. Shrouded in mystery, lost to the conquests of time, Ostara, or Ēostre in the old English dialect, was the symbol of concentrated energy, fertility and fecundity often represented curiously by the primordial egg, forming many of the archetypes of Easter later co-opted by the Christian god.

But far beyond this, animistic and mystical, ancient tribal peoples revered divinity in the natural world that surrounded them in a way the modern world scarcely notices. Ostara is the first warm spring winds, the first birds that return, the first trees that bud and curl forth leaves and flowers. She is quite literally the awakening Earth, and the life giving rains; she is a young maiden, wreathed in flowers, joyous and dancing in harmony. Like Spring itself, she is capricious, innocent and knowing in ways unseen.

Join us this Equinox as the earth reawakens to honor this balance of light and dark, the return of the sun, and the rebirth of spirit through dance, ritual and workshops. Our opening ceremony begins at sunset, 7:30pm, at the main stage. Any and all types of devotion are welcomed and encouraged.

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Anomalistic Records, Painted Chasos, Labyrinthine Crew

Mirror Me is the musical project of Antoni Girjatowicz.
Circa 2012
Transmissions, Incantations, Medicine and Fire Sounds
for the Heart, Mind, and Spirit
Co-founded the music label – Painted Chaos Project.

Anomalistic Records / Labyrinthine Crew / T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi / 25 Records
Durham, NC

Axis Mundi is a sound designer and Ableton engineer whose music focuses on atypical time signatures, polyrhythm, and melody. His software tools have helped shape US psytrance music and his live sets have been described as nestling somewhere between uptempo darkpsy, breakcore, techno, and ambient.

Pleyadian Records / Blazteroid / Twenty Five Records
Guadalajara Jal. MX

Vensker is Diego Palomo (Venskeroid) from Guadalajara, Mexico, where he studied graphic design and audio engineering. Influenced by the RAVE scene in the nineties, Vensker started mixing in the year 2000.
The mixes he perform are full of twisted sounds and breaks, powerful basslines and fast bpm, which can take you into a journey to connect yourself with the Universe.

As a designer, his style is purely psychedelic, with lots of color, geometric figures with trippy visuals and visions. He has worked for labels around the world with designs, printing CDs and merchandise.

Atrium Obscurum / Discordia Crew
Dallas. TX

A longtime trancer and member of Atrium Obscurum, Kek Heh has been steadily building his musical project, releasing one of his first tracks earlier this year on the Atrium Obscurum VA release, Hawthorn Moon, and his first EP Gemini


Post-Modern Music / Lunatic Alien Recs / Digital Babas
Bombay, India/NYC

This is a project of Aditya Verma from Mumbai, India now residing in Brooklyn, NY.
Picking up the guitar at a young age opened his ears to the world of music. Inspired by genres like classic, progressive rock and metal music, he played for a few bands through his teen years and early twenties. It was during his late teens did he discover his love for psychedelic trance music. Being a short train ride from Goa during these years, exposed him to the sheer power a psychedelic trance dance experience can have, and it all started from there. Thanks to the amazing PMM family that grew up on these experiences together, we decided to carry it forward to wherever we go on this globe. Showcasing fine tunes from all aspects of night time dark and cyberdelic psychedelic trance music to darker side forest, he will make you do the Tandava. He is big on heavy and light on his feet. Await transportation aboard his psychedelicly charged ship of inner mystery.

digital BABAS /
Conneticut, USA

The rumor has it that his secret stash is filled with vivacious dark and hitech stories yet to be told. Opening portals for explorers into an indestructible realm of psychedelic dimensions from behind the decks, Psynash keeps the dance floors rolling with sonic forces that get you to tap your feet into a fading memory of the known reality. In his studio, Avinash excavates into an experimental style of psytrance filled with frequencies of high energy.

Play Label / Ritual Music / Poison Labs
Mexico City MX

Jorge Rodríguez, also known as COCO, is one of the creative minds of PLAY LABEL & RITUAL CREW.
Through the years he has been able to notice the energy and vibration that moves inside the blast floor.
Having that knowledge and turning it into wisdom, he elaborates sets full of magic and hypnotic sounds, creating atmospheres of consciousness mixed with psychedelia and reality.

Atrium Obscurum / Anomalistic Rec / VooDooHooDoo
Painted Chaos Project / 25REC
Mexico City MX



20 (Friday) 12:00 pm - 22 (Sunday) 12:00 pm CST


Austin, Texas - Undisclosed Location

Austin, Texas


Atrium ObscurumTexas based psytrance organizer


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